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You have successfully implemented an EHR solution across your health system and now want to make sure you are getting the full value from your investment. You observe EHR utilization and behavioral patterns varying dramatically across departments, and you have begun to hear stories of provider frustrations.

Anecdotes of “super-users” and easy behavioral fixes exist, but how do you know which behaviors result in the best outcomes for providers, patients, and your health system?

Haystack Intelligence offers a new approach to help you realize the benefits of your EHR investment. Through learning the behavioral patterns associated with each provider type or patient experience, our solution provides an objective mirror of employee behavior. This objective view identifies behavioral patterns across your system and flags the sources of variability. Understanding existing best practices within your system and the opportunities for improvement allows you to update your EHR workflows to improve the care experience for patients, providers, and the overall system.

Allocation of Physician Time in Ambulatory Practice: A Time and Motion Study in 4 Specialties


"EHR-related time accounts for 49% of a typical office day for physicians and 37% of time in exam rooms."

"Physicians spend ~1 to 2 hours of personal time a night completing EHR, contributing to over 50% burnout rate."

What makes Haystack different?

  • Objective Data Insights

    Objective data insights

    Haystack Intelligence provides an objective view of the frequency and type of behaviors your health system employees perform each day, instead of relying on anecdotes and employee stories.

  • System-wide Comparisons

    System-wide comparisons

    Haystack Intelligence can easily compare employee behavior across an entire health system to understand differences in activity patterns, without having to survey or interview numerous employees.

  • On-going Improvement Monitoring

    On-going improvement monitoring

    Haystack Intelligence allows for comparisons of historic and current performance from user activity patterns, helping to ensure improvements achieve their desired impact.


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