Operational Improvements

Learn the biggest opportunities and potential solutions from your providers

Find the variability in patient care

Your patients can have dramatically different experiences across your health system – from early access when scheduling an appointment, to meeting with their providers, to reflecting upon their just completed visit from the comfort of their own home. Operational variability results in inefficiencies, and limits your health system's potential patient throughput.

With multiple locations, numerous service departments, and hundreds of providers, how can you identify the best and worst practices occurring in your system today?

Haystack Intelligence act as a compass to guide your operational improvements. By learning the typical behavior patterns, we can identify where the largest opportunities for improvement exist. Additionally, we can find the best practices that already exists in your health system, allowing you to learn the patterns that work best. By providing historical perspectives, you can measure the impact of any changes as you make them – ensuring only the changes that generate positive outcomes get implemented broadly.

What's on the minds of 300+ hospital leaders?


"78% view 'rising costs' as critical or extremely critical to address, and their most frequently cited strategy to contain costs will be 'Reviewing and optimizing current operational processes.' "

"About 20 cents of every dollar spent on health care in OECD countries is wasted in some fashion, with wasteful spend above 20 percent of total health expenditure in the United States."

What makes Haystack Intelligence different?

  • Measure And Monitor

    Measure and monitor

    Haystack Intelligence offers historical data to allow you to quantify the impact of behavioral changes to ensure you make positive improvements.

  • Reveals Best Practices

    Reveals best practices

    Haystack Intelligence finds the best practices that already exist within your system instead of searching for external solutions.

  • Compass to Guide Investigation

    Compass to guide investigation

    Haystack Intelligence provides an objective view of operational performance metrics across providers, departments or locations.


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