There are so many data sources that track what is happening within the health system: EHR's, clinical communication systems, RTLS solutions, nurse call systems, scheduling solutions, and more...

Like instruments in an orchestra, each data source creates its own unique sound - a unique viewpoint into what is happening. Haystack Intelligence simply brings them all together.

Meet Haystack Intelligence

Haystack Intelligence analyzes healthcare's meta-data to identify workflow variability.


clinical and non-clinical employee workflows across the entire health network


workflows that are positively and negatively impacting the system's performance


in real-time the impact of your performance improvement adjustments

Benefits of our approach

Simple & Safe Data Retrieval

We receive a daily feed of your source(s) audit logs. We analyze those sources in our secure, HIPAA-compliant virtual private cloud.

Smart and Automatic

Utilizes the latest in artificial intelligence and behavior analysis to decipher and learn your system's operations.

Immersive Visualizations

Displays patient and provider views, highlighting the variation in care across your system.


User-centric Design

Our solution organizes information in an intuitive and actionable manner, so you can focus on driving results quickly.