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Consulting Groups

Consultants know that identifying improvement opportunities is half the battle. The real challenge is changing user behaviors. But can you objectively measure the ROI impact of those changes?

Haystack Intelligence offers deep insights and cross-department comparisons for early phase analysis, allowing your team to more quickly identify opportunity areas and understand workflow behaviors that work best in your client's organization. We ingest and analyze meta-data on a daily basis to provide near real-time measurements of performance improvement changes. Haystack Intelligence can objectively highlight workflow variability within you client's entire health network, so you and your team can identify additional opportunities that require your professional services.

Haystack is already partnering with some of the largest consulting groups. Whether you are a single consultant working locally or a national organization with thousands of employees, partner with us to maximize your value proposition.

Software Companies

Hospitals are increasingly demanding integrated software solutions. Combine Haystack Intelligence with your software solution for an end-to-end client experience and maximize the value of your solution offering.

Haystack Intelligence offers sophisticated analysis of employee workflow behaviors and experiences that complement many healthcare software applications designed to improve clinical and non-clinical workflows. Our solution shines an objective light on the value your solution provides a healthcare organization. What is the ROI impact of installing your software? Haystack Intelligence is a new objective metric. Which workflows exist within a health network that would benefit from your solution? Haystack Intelligence can guide your client to see product expansion opportunities, training needs, or simple modifications.

Whether you provide workflow solutions for EHR's, clinical communication solutions, RTLS solutions, nurse call solutions, bed monitoring solutions, BI or other applications, partnering with Haystack Intelligence can ensure your clients quickly achieve their desired ROI from your software solution.

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