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Learn what's behind satisfaction scores

You want to consistently deliver top-notch patient care, and patient satisfaction is becoming increasingly important in determining reimbursement rates and reputation of your health system. Unfortunately, most patient feedback merely provides satisfaction scores. Without an understanding of the root causes behind the high or low scores, it is hard to know where to improve.Gathering insight into the underlying reasons for satisfaction scores typically requires hours of observation and interviews.

With thousands of patient interactions taking place each day, how can you systemically identify the patient interactions and staff behaviors that generate positive patient experiences?

Haystack Intelligence offers an innovative approach to discovering the "why" behind patient feedback scores. By analyzing the behaviors of your health system employees, we can identify the underlying sources of variability across patient experiences. Identifying variability allows you to explore what specific actions led to poor experiences across a patient's journey so you can address the behaviors contributing to poor scores. Eliminating the bad behavior or successfully implementing a positive experience identified by Haystack Intelligence ensures a consistent and winning patient experience - contributing to your health system's reputation and bottom line.

Patient satisfaction has a direct impact on +/- 2% of Medicare & Medicaid reimbursement dollars.

"Estimates place the lifetime value of a patient at approximately $1.4 million—and when patients have a bad experience and choose to go elsewhere, that money goes with them, along with anyone influenced by their negative reviews online."

What makes Haystack Intelligence different?

  • Target causes of dissatisfaction

    Target sources of dissatisfaction

    Haystack Intelligence links satisfaction scores with provider behavior to reveal the root causes of poor patient experiences.

  • Identify drivers of satisfaction

    Identify drivers of satisfaction

    Haystack Intelligence finds the existing behaviors that generate positive patient experiences today.

  • On-going monitoring

    On-going monitoring

    Haystack Intelligence allows for measuring the impact of behavior changes on patient satisfaction.


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