Patient Privacy Monitoring

Ensure patient trust while protecting your health system's reputation

Proactive Monitoring You Can Trust

Your EHR system has opened up new opportunities for collaboration and sharing of patient information to improve care. At the same time, it also introduced a new challenge: protecting patient privacy and complying with Office of Civil Rights requirements. While EHR audit logs allow for ad-hoc investigations of specific cases, most monitoring solutions rely on simple rules that generate countless false positives, or worse, miss true anomalies.

With millions of interactions taking place within your EHR every day, how can your privacy experts find the anomalous behavior before a breach occurs?

Haystack Intelligence offers a more dynamic approach to match today’s complex healthcare environment. We focus on understanding employee behavior and patient interactions in the context of delivering care – not just based on rules. Our detection engines filter through the noise of the millions of events each day to identify the most pressing concerns for further investigation. Combined with intuitive visualizations and end-to-end reporting functionality, our solution allows privacy experts to focus on the most critical threats.


"Breaches of patient information cost health systems an average of $380 per record when they occur."

"A patient’s Electronic Health Record could be worth $100s to even $1,000s on the black market, while social security numbers and credit cards are only worth $0.10 and $0.25 respectively."

What makes Haystack different?


    detection engines

    We combine the latest behavioral and AI analytical approaches to learn your health system's patterns and reduce false positives, allowing privacy experts to focus on what matters most.



    Multiple perspectives

    Intuitive visualizations allow privacy experts to investigate anomalous behavior through multiple lenses – relationships, locations, timeframes – reducing time required for investigations.


    End-to-end functionality

    Privacy officers can easily manage all aspects of privacy monitoring - from detection to investigation to OCR-compliant reporting – within one integrated solution, allowing for a seamless experience.


  • It tells me so much more than a spreadsheet. I do not have to access Epic as much as with our previous solution. It is intuitive to use. I love the watch list and ease of adding and removing users/patients. Love having the encounter information.
    Pam Martin @ Leading Hospital in Pennsylvania
    Privacy Specialist
  • “Before Haystack, the audit I could run via IT was cumbersome and required lots of investigation. Now, I have instant identification of suspected anomalous activity.”
    Michele Koss @ Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
    Clinical Risk Manager


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